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Assential Therapies and Children's Gastroenterology Speicalists

What is the Specialty Feeding clinic?

Our expert team of professionals including GI specialist (Dr. Nelson), Speech/Feeding therapist (Smita Joshi), and Dietician (Betsy Hjelmgren) will be available to evaluate a child with feeding issues who is not making progress/improvements despite medical intervention and receiving therapy services.

What makes our Feeding Clinic different?

Most of the diagnostic feeding teams in the area will see children only for diagnostics and may never see them again beyond the initial visit. We will evaluate the child, develop a treatment plan, and treat the child while walking the walk with the family until the child’s feedings issues are resolved and the child is on her way to a happy healthy development. Depending on the needs of a given patient, our patients will have access to GI care, speech/feeding therapy, occupational therapy, dietary services, and psychology services all overseen by our team as part of our collaborative effort.

Why our Feeding Team?

Members of our team have many years of experience working with children presenting Feeding issues. In the recent years the feeding issues in young children are on the rise and it is extremely difficulty for primary care physicians to address feeding problems/picky eating especially when there is no issue with weight gain or failure to thrive. Most of the feeding issues take collaborative effort among team members before they can be identified and effectively treated.

How does this work?

Once the referral is made, we will schedule the diagnostic evaluation with our team. A plan of care will be developed and discussed with the parents during the initial visit. Appropriate ongoing services including therapy will be scheduled. In addition to GI care, dietary care, and speech/feeding therapy, the patients will have access to psychology as well as occupational therapy services as needed. Our diagnostic team will oversee the child’s progress until all of the treatment goals are achieved and child is successfully discharged from our program.

As a practitioner what can I expect?

Our team will keep you updated via sending you the evaluations, updated therapy progress reports, as well as discharge reports. You will not regret referring your patients for care!!!

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