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Meet Our Exceptional Peas

Meet our Exceptional Peas is a place for families to share their child’s accomplishments.


Amy was my child’s first therapist when she was 18 months old after her evaluation. Honestly, I was very scared as my child had severe issues with meeting people in general and I was unsure how she would react. However, the moment Amy walked in she was so experienced and knew exactly what to do and Christina fell in love with her the very first day. Through her disciplines, techniques, and advice my daughter evolved from being an 18 month old developing a year behind her age to developing into a 4 year old who has been placed into a regular Pre-K classroom among 15 students. My daughter who couldn’t speak, scared of people has emerged into a self sufficient preschooler. This is all thanks to her therapist Amy, and I will always highly recommend her to any parent.


Tyler received services from Assential Therapies when he was one and a half years old for speech delay. The therapists not only worked with him, but also the family. Tyler is now four and is Kindergarten! With the vast knowledge and caring attitude of Lisa and Amy, Tyler has surpassed the typical milestones for his age.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!   -   Roxy T., Niles, IL


Hi, I'd like to tell you about our son Sammy.

Sammy was born with a complex congenital heart defect and has had three open heart surgeries. Related to all of the medical interventions that were necessary after his birth, he developed a severe hearing loss and now wears bilateral hearing aids. He is a healthy, active four year old who loves coming to Assential Therapies for speech therapy- it is like playtime! He has been receiving therapy since before he was two years old and Ellie has helped him make tremendous strides and improvements in his speech and language. He has a great time with lots of laughs while learning and working hard, and I always feel confident that he is getting the best help possible. For me as a parent, Ellie makes sure to keep me educated as to how to continue the learning process every day while at home. His speech is continuously improving and I am amazed at the progress he is making. Way to go, Sammy!


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