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Developmental Therapy

Children naturally want to explore their environment and learn through play and interacting with others. Developmental Therapists (DTs) can evaluate and help children to achieve age appropriate development and/or maximize their learning potential in a variety of developmental areas including cognitive, play, social-emotional, behavior, self-help, expressive and receptive language, fine and gross motor.

At Assential Therapies our DTs provide guidance and education to help parents, family members, teachers, caregivers, etc. support each child’s developmental needs. We often help families bring together all areas of development and/or activities to work with the whole child. Our DTs have accesses to our multi-disciplinary team to help to coordinate care and to treat the whole child and family. We will work with a variety of medical professionals, specialists and school district staff as appropriate.

Who Can Benefit?

Many parents and families have questions about, how their child learns, communicates & interacts with others, child behavior, discipline and parenting. Some of the children who may benefit form an evaluation and treatment may include following conditions:

  • Specific and/or global developmental delays
  • Known genetic condition or syndrome
  • Difficulties with play
  • Sensory or attention issues
  • Difficulties interacting with others
  • Difficulties in social settings e.g. daycare, play groups, etc.
  • Parents who have questions about discipline or children with behavior concerns

What We Can Do

  • Global Developmental Evaluations
  • Individual Developmental Therapy
  • 1-2-3 Magic
  • Parenting Strategies
  • Sensory food play
  • Meal-time routines
  • Facilitate Play Skills
  • Problem solving skills and cognitive development
  • Facilitate Social Skills
  • Developmental Playgroups
  • Pre-School Readiness Class